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Colo Library's Constitution

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Article I.    Name:  Colo Public Library


Article II.   Headquarters:  Will be located in the Colo Library/Community Center


Article III.  Purpose:   To provide library resources for the interest, information and

                   enlightenment of all people in our community regardless of age, sex,

                   nationality, and physical abilities.


Article IV:   Constituency served:  The incorporated area of the city of Colo and the

                    surrounding rural area.


Article V.    Governing Body: 

                    1.  Board of Trustees

                               A.  7 members elected for a 3 year term: 5 from the city of Colo

                                     and 2 from the rural area.

                               B.  Terms should be staggered,  electing 2, 2, and 3 at yearly intervals.

                               C.  No member shall serve more than 2 consecutive terms.

                               D.  A member may be reelected after one year absent from the board.

                     2.  Officers

                               A.  Should elect a president, vice-president, and secretary.

                               B.  Election of officers will be at the July meeting.

                               C.  Elected officers will take their positions on August 1.

                     3.  Special committees

                                    President of Library Board has the power to appoint special

                                    committees as needed.

                      4.  Executive Committee

                                    Above named officers constitute the Executive Committee.


Article VI.  Cooperative Services

                      1.  May contract with other libraries for library materials that will be for

                           the best interests of the Colo Public Library.

                       2. Will cooperate with libraries within the county and state in Open                                        Access Plus and other programs as approved by the State Library.

                       3.  Will provide library services to patrons from other communities upon

                            presentation of valid i.d.

                        4.  Will participate in State Open Access program, completing necessary

                              forms, as per contract.

                        5.  Will order books requested that are not available in our Library, on

                              Interlibrary Loan, upon request if available.           

                        6.  Will participate in State Access Plus program and complete required

                              forms, as per contract.

                        7.  Will keep accurate statistics for ILL, Open Access and Access Plus  

                              Monthly, so application for funding may be made as per contract to the

                             State Library.


Article VII.  Amendments

                     1.  Constitution may be amended by Board as it is deemed necessary.

                     2.   Amendment(s) must be presented one month and voted on the

                           next month. 


Revised June 23, 2014

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