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Circulation Policy

Circulation Policy for the Colo Public Library

Circulation Policy

A.  Meeting Room

      We have no meeting room, but have access to the Community Center,  upon reservation, which is in the same building. 

B.  Equipment Use and Charges

      Photocopies are available at a charge.  $0.15 cents per black and white  copy and $.50 cents per color copy.  There are 5 computers that may be used free-of-charge with $0.15 per black and white page printing

charge and $0.50 cents per color when printer is used.  A fax machine is available with a charge of $2.00  for the first page and $1.00 for each succeeding page.

C.  Fines and Fees

      The day after items are due the library will do a courtesy call and renewal.  After four weeks of being overdue the library will once again call the patron and a $.25 fine per checkout period will occur. After six weeks the library will send a letter with the replacement cost of items and the patron’s fine.  After eight weeks the library will send

a certified letter to the patron.  No items may be checked out if a fine of $3.00 or more is owed.  Fines can be waived at the discretion of the director.  Dvds must be returned within one hour after the library opens, or a fine of another day fees, per checkout period will be charged.  Lost or damaged materials will be billed to patron at replacement cost.

D.  Borrowing Privileges

1.  Any resident of incorporated Colo, or surrounding rural areas, will

    be issued  a library card after filling out an application. Children

     under 14 must have a parent or guardian signature to receive a        library card.

2.  Open Access to eligible libraries in the state of Iowa will be       provided.

3.  There are no fees charged to residents or non-residents for library


4.  Upon signing the borrower’s request card, borrowers are then         responsible for returning materials in same condition as checked

               out.  (See C Fines & Fees concerning replacement of materials)

E.  Collection Development

(See separate policy)

F.  Displays, Exhibits

1.  We will allow various public and personal displays and exhibits

      as space permits.

2.  Displays and exhibits must meet the approval of librarian before

                being displayed.

G.  Bulletin Board Restrictions

1.  Public and personal notices may be displayed.

2.  Notices are subject to approval of librarian.  Appeals may be made

     to Library Board.

H. Confidentiality of records

Patron registration, borrowing records, patron requests for information, and computer usage are confidential.  Information

pertaining to those transactions or records may be released only under court order as described in the laws of the State of Iowa.  Any such information should be referred to the librarian.  All items checked out, must be checked out by the number from the patron’s library card.

I.  Service outlets and hours

1.  Hours and various service activities are posted on an outdoor sign.

     There are morning, afternoon, and evening hours.

2.  Bookmarks are available listing hours and services, and equipment

     that are available for rental or any additional information.

J.  Reference Work

1.  The person on duty will provide reference and/or genealogical


2.  Interlibrary loans will be ordered promptly.

K.  Gifts

(See City Code) Title 1, Chapter 1, Article 4.

L.  Emergency Procedures

1.  Exits are clearly marked.

2.  In case of tornado warning, people shall be evacuated to the

     designated shelter areas. (Restrooms and janitor closet)

3.  In the event of bomb threat or fire the building will be evacuated     until time as it is deemed safe to return.  In the event of bomb

    threat or fire during any library programs the building will be 

     evacuated and patrons will be directed to Heartland Coop or

                or alternate location.


Revised May 23, 2016


This resource is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by State Library of Iowa.